Painting the exterior of a property will not only increase the curb appeal; it will also provide additional protection to the siding and trim. The process, however, requires knowledgeable preparation for long-term success. Hiring a professional and experienced Oklahoma contractor will simplify the process and save you time while ensuring that you get professional results.

You may choose from

  • wide array of paint types, 
  • colors, and 
  • shades. 

The paint decision is entirely up to you. However, we will decide on the primer that will go over the existing paint or surface because the first layer of primer is the most important. The primer will hold new paint in place, and it will seal any cracks on your property’s exterior. The best paint to choose for your home is 100% pure acrylic latex. We recommend that you try to blend the exterior paint of your home with the color of your roof and any brickwork or masonry you may have.

Finding a qualified Oklahoma City general contractor is the first and most crucial step of your project, so give us a call.